Day 39 of the — F*$K this I quit — Paleo Challenge


Day 39 of the — F*$K this I quit — Paleo Challenge

I am ending my Paleo Challenge today. I made it 38days. But seriously — I’m over this. I get discouraged about having to make foods. I’m not feeling any different except for maybe a little more depressed, stressed, and drained. I’m sure some will read my journey and complain that I didn’t follow Paleo to the letter — and you’re right I didn’t. BUT as a health coach I cannot ask clients to experience something I haven’t experienced and something I’m not willing to experience. I’m not saying that Paleo isn’t healthy, that it isn’t a good path, or anything like that. What I’m saying is that it isn’t the most cost effective or easy plan for my family or life style.

I’m emotionally spent. It could be the circumstances going on in my life right now that make me feel like this is too much to take on.

I feel slightly ashamed that I couldn’t make it 45 days… however! I now know exactly what I’m asking a client to do. And while it may seem like an awesome plan on paper and meet all of the clients needs — their lifestyle and budget are huge factors to their success.

I also only needed to pass 30days of my exclusion diet to start adding in new foods. Pretty sure I want to pig out for 2 solid days and then *see* if a rash appears. That sounds like a legit way to test the doctor’s theory, amiright?!

I’m glad I took this journey. I’m not sure I saw the results that I was hoping for — but I have been rash free so that is a bonus.

Onto the next journey, experiment, and life experience that I hope will resonate with my lifestyle, personality, and beliefs.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


Day 38 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 38 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


not sure of source

not sure of source

No workout today and another hour nap… I didn’t go to sleep until 1230a this morning — better than I was doing. I feel like I will be back on track again… by the weekend.

Breakfast: none
Snack: none
Lunch: chicken, boiled kale, and tomatoes mixed together like a salad
Snack: cashews
Dinner: cooked chicken cut into chunks, canned tomatoes, spinach, pre-cooked spaghetti squash, all mixed together and heated through

Not only is my sleep messed up — so is my eating schedule. It will all workout and it is worth it in the end.

I am so crampy today… my period better show up soon or I’ma choke someone.

Until Tomorrow

~Clearly Unbalanced

How my husband Screwed Up my Sleep Cycle


Many of you have been following my Paleo journey… and the last week or so I have sucked at writing down in my food log, blogging daily, etc… I figured I owed you a little explanation.

No workout this morning either. I have spent from Wednesday through Sunday sleeping and being awake weird and crazy hours. Waking at 6am and going to sleep at 6am the following day. Maybe with a nap from midnight to 3am. Awake again at 6am.


Because someone very special in my life; needed me. He requested and planned for our special time together. He is sweet, caring, handsome, sarcastic, funny, and he gets me.

Who is this mystery man?

My husband.

We have been married for over 10years and taking this time for our marriage is essential. We have been together and known each other for 17years.

And I’ll tell you — when a man asks for your time — you do it. Even if it comes at the cost of your routine and sleep patterns.

Our work schedules are completely awful and suck as a result we miss a lot of time together. This wasn’t about sex and being together physically — we could do that anytime (yup even with kids — that’s what locks and lunch dates are for).

It was about a deeper connection and communication. I didn’t know it — but I needed this too. I feel more confident, loved, rejuvenated, and excited about our path.

It is so easy to fall into the patterns of every day life.

We didn’t watch TV or movies. We put down the phones and sat across from one another; no surfing Facebook or texting others.

We spent uninterrupted and undivided time together. Talking.

We talked about our upcoming vacations, our favorite memories as kids, things on our buckets lists, our most recent embarrassing moment, how the one (or more) of the kids “owned” us with their quick wit, funny stories from work, of how frustrating the kids were being, and anything else that came to mind.

We didn’t let our conversation get stuck on a subject or stall on a frustrating subject — but communicating frustrations is usually necessary to being honest and open — and to help you come closer, solve a problem together, and be on the same page (especially with children).

But we were also able to sit in the silence of “nothing to say” and  turn away and leave the conversation because we were bored. It did get awkward and uncomfortable a few times… which resulted in face making and giggles (maturity level = 1).

This time and reconnection with my husband was beautiful. And the fact he *asked* me for his time?


Feeling a little more balanced.

I challenge you to try this with your partner.

Day 37 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 37 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Today is Booty Quake Tuesday — I was supposed to do the Week 4 of the Roller Derby Athletics free workout. I will hopefully be able to be back into my routine tomorrow. I stayed up late again (even though I *could* have gone to bed earlier and started to get back on track — I didn’t realize it was so late already!)

Breakfast: none
Snack: 2 bacon strips, can o’ mandarin oranges, some cashews
Lunch: 2 chicken and apple sausages (Aidell’s brand)
Snack: 2tblspn chocolate and mixed nuts
Dinner:  none

Today was a busy day that resulted in a 2hour nap. I will be heading to bed earlier than I have been going to bed and I will hopefully be back on track in a few days.

Until tomorrow

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

Day 36 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 36 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge

OH Monday, Monday, Monday.

No working out.

Breakfast: Scrambled egg with Kale, and 2 strips of turkey bacon

Snack: didn’t eat breakfast was late
Lunch: had a handful of cashews
Snack: sliced green peppers sprinkled with salt
Dinner: sliced chicken and tri-color and green peppers with taco seasoning (chicken fajitas!!)



Today I’m getting back on track with my sleeping schedule from the last 5 days. Hopefully, we will be back in full swing in the next couple days.

I have also been seriously thinking and researching my friends plan — this might need to happen. Sooner rather than later. Of course because of my exclusionary diet, due to my awesome full-body rash that cropped up over 30days ago — I will be talking with my doctor. But it is looking promising.

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

35 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


35 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Sunday… for me the hardest day of the week. It starts the next week and there is a lot of prepping, planning, and making snacks and meals for the week ahead.

No working out for the weekend.

Breakfast: no breakfast woke-up late
Snack: no snack — not hungry
Lunch: chicken breast and sliced apple
Snack: roasted broccoli, mashed cauliflower, and 1 pineapple/bacon chicken sausage and 1 chicken/apple sausage
Dinner: (ate snack late)
Dessert: 2 Tblspn Enjoy Life’s brand chocolate chunks

*dramatic scream* my time of the month is coming — my time of the month is coming — damn these chocolate cravings

I went out and the tire on my truck was completely flat; thank goodness for road side assistance. They came and helped me put my spare on. Just little added excitement for the weekend.

Until Tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

Day 34 of the 45 day paleo challenge


Day 34 of the 45 day paleo challenge

TGIS (my phone autocorrects this to THOR — *shrugs* that works too) — thank God it is Saturday.

No working out on the weekends.

I went to bed at some point in the wee hours of the morning. My kids left me alone, made breakfast, watched TV quietly, and didn’t fight! WTF?! Who are these transplants? Where are my monstrous children?

Breakfast: scrambled egg, 2 slices of turkey bacon
Snack: I made butternut squash home fries again… OMG these things are to die for
Lunch:  nothing (breakfast/snack was VERY late)
Snack: more butternut squash homefries
Dinner: HELP ME!! I can’t stop eating these homefries!!

Until Tomorrow

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma