Day 11 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 11 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge

I woke up, tired, but was determined to exercise and push through my day. I did well for a few hours and was productive in the morning. By the afternoon I was exhausted and battling a nearly crippling headache.

I worked out — it was Testing Thursday!! Remember the 4 sets of exercises I did last week and I wanted to better my time?? Well, I “tested” again this week. My results are as follows:

Work out lasted 5 minutes:
10 – Chair squats
10 – Jumping Jacks
10 – reverse chair crunches (Be Strong Be Free offers a good video on YouTube:
10 – High Knees (count 1-2-3-1)
I completed this series as many times as I could in 5 minutes. I was only able to complete 3 sets in 4mins.
But in the last minute I substituted in:
50 inner leg lifts left
50 inner leg lifts right
AND because I’m awesome — I also added 10push-ups (this put me over 5min)

I drank water all day and with all the meals.Snack: sliced apples and cinnamon
Breakfast: reheated spinach and egg white scramble
Lunch: Meatballs — I wasn’t feeling too well by this point
Snack: handful of cashews
Dinner: celery sticks and hickory smoked chicken breast.

I really hope tomorrow is better. Pretty sure the headache came on because I waiting too long to eat between snack and breakfast. But by the time I had the opportunity to eat again food wasn’t going to help the headache — I was too far gone.

Today also consisted of this awesome moment: The moment you realize your child needs his “cultural food” to be brought to school tomorrow — and you haven’t made it. Worse? Not having buttermilk OR the ingredients for an alternative. 730p run to the grocery store!

I did sneak a taste of the bread to make sure I wasn’t sending him to school with something that tasted like dirt!! It was soooo freakin’ amazing. Saving that recipe for sure!!

Until Tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


Day 10 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 10 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge

After 5-6days of staying up way to late, getting unrested sleep, and waking up at the ass crack of dawn to handle my responsibilities of the day — last night I fell asleep, stayed asleep, and was shocked when my alarm went off. I seriously didn’t think I had been asleep that long!

I feel rested, I feel good so far this morning. I’m also feeling like my head is foggy — pretty sure I’m going to forget to do something important today. I’m keeping an eye on my calendar like a hawk!

Workout today was on the treadmill for a total of 24.5min and a little over a mile walked.
Warm-up: 2min 1.5mi/hr
Workout: 8min 2.5mi/hr – 12.5min 3mi/hr
Cool down: 2min/2mi/hr
Don’t be judging my workout… I shaved 30seconds off “my mile” — and that my friends is what we call baby-steps. I know it isn’t crazy aggressive. My focus is what is good for me, what is my best, am I improving compared to my previous tries.

I made a huge breakfast. Spinach and egg white scramble, can of mandarin oranges. This only proved to me that large meals in the morning are not a good idea. I barely ate any of the eggs (will reheat for tomorrow). I ate all the oranges.

Snack/Lunch were combined today: meatballs, trail mix, bacon (which I managed to burn AGAIN!! What the frig-sticks?)

Snack: pumpkin seeds and bacon

Dinner: meatballs and sauce

Dessert: I cheated! *gasp*…. I know, right?! I ate ONE gluten free, peanut butter filled cookie. (they look like a vanilla Oreo with peanut butter inside). It was the only one sitting in the package in the pantry. Couldn’t just leave it there on pantry clean out day!

I think we are coming around the bend on this detox thing. Dare I say that I feel good today?! I feel lighter, thinner, and not bloated (even with my cycle starting).

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

Day 9 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 9 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge

TMI WARNING **Too much information is about to be shared**

I had an epic poop this morning. I really haven’t been regular since starting eating Paleo. I have gone a couple days without going at all. Which is weird because all I’m eating is fruits, veggies, and meat, right? But with any change of intake there is a change in the physical and emotional body too. Also, increasing my protein intake can cause the brakes to lock up.

Guess, I was full of shit. Haha, yea. See what I did there?! Did ya? Although, my intestinal tract is upset and grumbly… at least things are moving?

Workout — not really. Unless you count walking the dog from the parking lot into the vet’s office — then back out to the car. No? Damn.

I started out the day, hungry. Which is an improvement to feeling blah, full, and no desire to eat. Probably because I pooped — made room to be hungry.

And thirsty — what.the.fuck? I can’t drink anymore water but I am so parched I can’t take it. My lips are dry and flaky — like trying to kiss a shedding reptile — so attractive. My *fave* is when I’m yelling at the little shits that live with me — and my mouth is so dry my upper lip sticks to my gums like Guy Smiley. What the hell, how can anyone take me seriously after that?!

More TMI — started my period today. Yup, totally what I needed to conquer mid-detox — an outrageous craving for chocolate, an unhealthy desire to stuff myself with junk foods, and a migraine. Fucking Fantastic. Although, maybe that is why I pooped. My period always moves things along… ugh, maybe that doesn’t mean my intestines are getting used to all the good foods I’m putting in. (Considering a probiotic)

Also, considering green smoothies and coconut water to help with this ridiculous thirst and weird reptile lips. Seriously feels like I’ve been eating handfuls of Saltines in under 30seconds — all day.

Breakfast: Sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon, water

Snack: 2 mango and chicken sausages (Aidell’s brand), water

Lunch: meatballs and sauce

Snack: trail mix and 2 kiwis

Dinner: broccoli, leftover meatloaf, water

Side note: Sorry about the no pictures of my eats lately… I need to get on the ball STAT!

Today was a good day, over all. I ate more stable meals throughout the day. I need to increase my veggie intake (green smoothies will help here too).

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

Day 8 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 8 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Wellllllllll helllllllooooooo Monday. It seems the case of the Monday’s caught me yesterday — I got nothing I needed to accomplished including getting my post out on time. Nothing went as planned.


Ok so workout — yup. Didn’t happen.

Meal planning — nope. Didn’t happen either.
Breakfast: Banana
Snack: 2 bacon strips (burnt — my *fave*)
Lunch: sloppy joes (just the meat and sauce, no bread) and green pepper slices
Snack: grazing. [mooooooo]
Dinner: 2 Mango Chicken Sausages from Aidell’s, sliced cucumber (with salt), and can of mandarin oranges. (holy shit… is my appetite coming back?!?!)

Today as an all around good day. But I was freakin’ exhausted. I took a 45min nap and woke up more tired?! What the frig sticks?

The rest of the day entailed meetings, kid crap, homework — for the kids, homework — for me, chores, errands, and falling face first in bed.

I hope tomorrow I feel more rested; because today was all about getting the bare minimum done. Ain’t no one got time for the extra bullshit of showers and shit.

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly unbalanced Momma

Day 7 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 7 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Today is the final day of the week. I actually woke up in a terrified manner from a bad dream. Detox?? Or freak bad dream?? Thankfully my husband had the ability to talk this weekend — even though he was 7000mi away he was able calm my nerves. Talking to him is such a rare occasion… to have him call on a day like today was perfect. This dream was so vivid and played on my every insecurity — it was like pregnancy dreams (those suck too and usually involve losing your child or being a bad parent).

Again, I spent the morning drinking water. No desire to eat. I snacked on a piece of bacon. Then worked out. After my workout and shower; I felt sooo much better from where the morning began. I ate a bigger meal. (banana, 1/4 can of mandarin oranges, 2 chicken apple sausages). I spent the rest of the day snacking; trail mix. Dinner was cucumber, 1/4 can of pineapple, and cream chicken and tomato soup. I used the recipe from Erika @ Everyday Paleo. (Creamy Tomato and Chicken Soup – Crockpot). This is sooo flippin’ good!! So good warm or cool.

I was able to troubleshoot the treadmill that broke earlier in the week. I fixed it!! I would like to take the time to publicly apologize to my wise-ass mom. It turns out the safety stop was slightly off center; breaking the circuit so the treadmill wouldn’t turn on. She was semi-correct; it was a simple no-brainer fix. Sorry Mom!!

Workout on the treadmill was 24min of 2.5mi/hr to go a little over a mile. With a 1min cool down at 1.5mi/hr. While I know this isn’t a strenuous workout. I’m not training for a freakin’ marathon (at least it isn’t on my radar). I’m trying to incorporate healthy movement for a minimum of 20minutes everyday. And my left knee was on fuckin’ fire today during my workout — pretty sure that is because of all the leg workouts this week.

You know what one of the hardest part of being a mom on a new eating plan?! NOT, eating the shit you make your kids while preparing it. NOT, licking your fingers. NOT, nibbling on a goldfish that jump off a plate. It has become such a habit over 14yrs of being a parent; that when I catch myself doing it; I run the the trash can to spit it out. Little ridiculous and an over-reaction.

Well, it has been a difficult week — but with no cheating. Not saying it wasn’t difficult to throw away the kids uneaten pizza on Friday.

Until tomorrow! Starting to feel a little better…??

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

Day 6 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 6 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Well, I woke up with a headache — probably because I realized it was weigh in day. I also woke-up hungry. Which from the last couple days is an improvement — but I really only ate breakfast.

Today’s workout:
10 push-ups
20 alternating leg lunges
50 crunches
20 Supermans
50 L inner leg lifts
50 R inner leg lifts

I didn’t start to eat until very late in the day. This is not good for my metabolism; however, I drank lots of water, and took medication for my headache that was rapidly turning into a migraine.

Breakfast: Banana, 2 eggs in bell pepper flowers, butternut squash, 2 bacons. Water.

Rest of the day I grazed here and there. Trailmix, more bacon, 2 chicken and apple Aidell brand sausages, left over carrot fries. Green tea. I was still left with a feeling of being unsatisfied.

Today’s Weigh-in produced .8lbs loss and loss of 2″ in my body over all.

While these are results, good results, healthy results, and I’m headed in the right direction. I’m feeling frustrated because if I’m going to feel like crap — I want it to produce something! I know… “I’ll feel better soon” — “it will all be worth it.”

I was prepared for being miserable for the first 2weeks as my body detoxes and resets. Here is a sneak peek into the world of getting healthy — that no one wants to show you, admit to, or plan ol’ forgets how shitty it truly is in the beginning. Like how, no one really “remembers” how shitty giving birth to a baby was, “just the precious little bundle in the end is worth it.” All good intentions aside — Fuck off. That shit sucks and it isn’t called labor for nothing! Detoxing and resetting is like that. “Oh, you will feel soooo great! It’s worth it!” — mmmm, yea. I’ll remember that through my screaming headaches, constant urination, gas that could gag a maggot, choking down another glass of water, and while I’m pretty sure I’m not surviving on enough nutrients — I’ll remember, “it is sooo worth it!”

¬†Only about 7-10 more days to before I’m out of the “I’m starving, someone please save me, don’t come near me, I’ll chew off your fucking arm” stage.

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

Day 5 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 5 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Five days in. When I woke up I was very thirsty which continued for the rest of the day. No matter how much water I drank — still thirsty. Nothing seems to be quenching it.

I didn’t eat any planned food today. I grazed all day. I still feel like I’m eating and snacking all day to fill a void. Boredom? I’m not sure. I stuck the the rules of Paleo and ate meats, eggs, veggies, and fruits, and limited nuts. But I was not satisfied at all. Today I felt like I my body was going through depression.

I worked out in the morning too.

Work out lasted 5 minutes:
10 – Chair squats
10 – Jumping Jacks
10 – reverse chair crunches (Be Strong Be Free offers a good video on YouTube:
10 – High Knees (count 1-2-3-1)
I completed this series as many times as I could in 5 minutes. I was only able to complete 3 sets. But I plan to make progress.

Until Tomorrow

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma