Rogue Recipe!



This recipe is not all that “bad” for you — *BUT* it certainly isn’t Paleo — but it sounded soooo good I couldn’t pass up sharing it. Right. Now.

I’m a sucker for anything PUMPKIN!

We are making this at some point this week and I will update my review — but I couldn’t keep this little gem a secret!!

Cruisin’ the web looking for recipes to help me eat during our bi-mthly “eat through the pantry”. Trying to keep everything as “clean” as possible — but my biggest concern is staying gluten free.

I came across Pumpkin — yup. PUMPKIN Macaroni and Cheese.
I’m so excited!!! I will be making modifications for gluten free pasta and experimenting with different flours to see which one we like best… (rice, coconut, almond, quinoa, etc) but I’m thinking this will make it to… “THE” list of go-to recipes.

The website of awesomeness is: Real Food. Real Deals. She has a list of 30 healthy meals for $1/serving!!

Also, on this list of meals — Macaroni and Cheese Muffins?!?!


Mind. Blown.

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