Inspirational – Bruno Mars


Today I needed a “pick-me-up” and inspirational story to feel like the world isn’t going to hell in a hand basket. Especially, on days like today where the kids are pushing every “let’s see how quickly we can get mom spun up” buttons.

I came across this recent story about Bruno Mars’ music helping a victim of a drunk driving accident — during her recovery.

I’m a holistic healer and there is no doubt about my beliefs on the healing properties of music, aromatherapy, herbs, essential oils, massage, healthy eating, etc.

Whether you are a Bruno Mars fan or not… this was super sweet and the inspiration I was looking for.

I cried. Silent, sweet tears.

He not only dedicated the song to Zumyah Thorpe, he serenaded her, and gifted with fedora and guitar to her — he made an impact in her life before this with just his music — this however, steps it up.

Zumyah is also an inspiration to others — She could easily fall down the slippery slope of the “why me’s” — but her will and determination to come back so far after her horrific accident and tragic losses of her family is amazing.  She will do more great things in this world.

Watch the video — her smile is priceless. Gather the tissues and check the surroundings of your cubicles at work first!!

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