The Struggle is Real…


I struggle daily with a chronic first world syndrome. My case is pretty severe and I wanted to share my story with you.

My syndrome is called, “Oh, shiny!”

It is a serious problem both professionally and personally. I’m chronically distracted.

It is debilitating to my professional career. I feel that I never know enough, that “this program” is what I need next, and if I just get this product created, added, or stock a certain supplement — I will finally — *finally* I will have what I need to implement my programs with my clients.

Personally — it makes me a financial disaster. My husband has forbidden infomercials in the house. Seriously, by the end — I need it. The new kitchen gadget, yard tool, the hair straightener — it is a *MUST HAVE*. NOW. (I have a pixie hair cut!!! WTF?! How did they almost suck me in again?!)

And my kids are enablers.
Kids: “Mom, I saw this thing about XYZ — we need to have one — are you going to buy it?”
Me: “No, don’t be ridiculous — why do we need…” (searching Google for XYZ).  “Hunny! Come check out…”
Husband: “No.”

I have decided to combat this syndrome with a first world plan.

I’ve partnered up with a graduate of the same health coaching program as myself. We met online by chance and met in person a few weeks ago. We chatted for about 3 hours outside of a Starbucks. She is awesome — together we are going to help each other.

We are both mommas to large families (yes, by choice), health coaches, homeschooling the broods, and we want to help people, share our knowledge with others, and make an impact in our circles and hopefully ripple out to the world.

Our plan is to be each others accountability partners, set goals (SMALL goals — let’s not go crazy here), and complete them. I’m going to list my goals here — YIKES!

We will check-in with each other once a week and keep each other accountable (accountability partner might suggest this, maybe.), AND most importantly keep one another encouraged and motivated.


My Goals: (contrary to popular belief — I’m not setting a timeline to these… so maybe this is a to-do list and not “goals”)

1) Find a home school schedule that fits our family better (work in progress)
2) Shut off email notifications to my smart phone — completed July 1, 2014
3) Delete the Facebook Messenger App from my smart phone — completed July 17, 2014
4) Adjust Facebook notifications being sent to my phone — completed July 17, 2014
5) Set times to check Facebook/emails to stay focused during the day/be more productive (work in progress)
6) No phone/computer during meal times (I’m the queen of trying to multi-task at inopportune times) — completed July 1st, 2014 — (although, it is still something that is a daily temptation)
7) Create webinars for homeschooling/military families around health topics (brainstorming topics — secondary goal — 1st topic chosen by Monday July 21).
8) Create in-person workshops for homeschooling/military families around health topics
9) Automate my webinars so they can be purchased from my website at anytime
10) Have my family help out with after dinner chores — system created July 10th, 2014
11) Have my family become more independent with chores
12) Make money from home; while homeschooling; to help when we grow our family and buy a house
13) Actively use coupon apps/Swagbucks for Christmas/spending $$$


I will be adding to my goals — and I will be creating quick blog posts about how I completed each goal and how I feel about it!


Have you ever found yourself in a rut, continuing old habits that are getting you no where, or needing a change (personal or professional?)

What did you do about it; if anything?




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