Dinner Fail – Chicken Zucchini Soup


What do you do when you menu plan, buy all the right foods, and all the foods rot in the fridge before you get to use them? You have a dinner fail. That was us last evening.

I had every intention of using the zucchini in the fridge — until I took it out. The bag was slimy and the zucchini was spotted. Yum. *gag*

It was 45min until dinner was to be completed (in order for the rest of our nightly routine to not fall apart) — what the heck was I gonna make now?! Remember we are eating through our pantry this week and I’m trying not to buy anything until Monday.

I. Might. Not. Make. It.

So I made Chicken-no zucchini soup!

4 chicken breasts — diced/cooked
1 Onion — chopped
4 – 14.5oz cans of diced tomatoes
1/2 head of “riced” cauliflower
1/2 bag of “Fresh Express” spinach
1.5 cartons of chicken broth
salt/pepper/italian seasoning — to taste
Coconut sugar to add a little sweetness to the canned tomatoes
Olive oil to brown the chicken chunks

Brown chicken in pan with olive oil and diced onions. (optional: add salt/pepper/and italian seasonings — or add later).
Throw everything else in pot and boil for 30min

We didn’t even have left overs!! — This was a HUGE hit with the kids! We allowed them to eat the leftover crackers and melba toasts in the house — we are cleaning out!!!

For other quick gluten/grain free inner ideas (minus the crackers, of course!) — check out the Grain-Free Solution System

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