Day 39 of the — F*$K this I quit — Paleo Challenge


Day 39 of the — F*$K this I quit — Paleo Challenge

I am ending my Paleo Challenge today. I made it 38days. But seriously — I’m over this. I get discouraged about having to make foods. I’m not feeling any different except for maybe a little more depressed, stressed, and drained. I’m sure some will read my journey and complain that I didn’t follow Paleo to the letter — and you’re right I didn’t. BUT as a health coach I cannot ask clients to experience something I haven’t experienced and something I’m not willing to experience. I’m not saying that Paleo isn’t healthy, that it isn’t a good path, or anything like that. What I’m saying is that it isn’t the most cost effective or easy plan for my family or life style.

I’m emotionally spent. It could be the circumstances going on in my life right now that make me feel like this is too much to take on.

I feel slightly ashamed that I couldn’t make it 45 days… however! I now know exactly what I’m asking a client to do. And while it may seem like an awesome plan on paper and meet all of the clients needs — their lifestyle and budget are huge factors to their success.

I also only needed to pass 30days of my exclusion diet to start adding in new foods. Pretty sure I want to pig out for 2 solid days and then *see* if a rash appears. That sounds like a legit way to test the doctor’s theory, amiright?!

I’m glad I took this journey. I’m not sure I saw the results that I was hoping for — but I have been rash free so that is a bonus.

Onto the next journey, experiment, and life experience that I hope will resonate with my lifestyle, personality, and beliefs.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


One thought on “Day 39 of the — F*$K this I quit — Paleo Challenge

  1. I understand how you feel I did strict paleo for 93 days. Towards the end I was just emotionally spent and wanted to just be over it. Now I do gluten free with alot of veggies. Almost paleo plus brown rice if there is such a thing. Good job making it as far as you did.

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