Day 25 of the 45 Day Challenge


Day 25 of the 45 Day Challenge

Today is Testing Thursday!

10 – Chair squats
10 – Jumping Jacks
10 – reverse chair crunches
10 – High Knees (count 1-2-3-1)
I completed this series as many times as I could in 5 minutes. I was able to complete 4 sets in about 4.5min this week!
10 – push ups
20 – supermans
50 – Left inner leg raises
50 – Right inner leg raises

This is the same results as last week… but I felt like I was stronger and able to maintain a better pace. I hope next week shows improvement. I would love to be able to do 1 set per minute.

Breakfast: sliced apples
Snack: I tried to eat a kiwi but it wasn’t ripe yet and the center was all hard — yuck. And I had some egg whites.
Lunch: so remember my stir fry from yesterday and how I wished I could make it better? — Balsamic Vinegar. BAM!
Snack: fried bananas (O.M.G. YUM!)
Dinner: couple bites of left over sweet potato. I wasn’t feeling too hungry.

The fried bananas from Rachel Schultz’s website are delish! Try them… they are great for anytime of the day; warm snack on a snow day to make you smile or a late night comfort snack.

Today was a long day. One kiddo was sick and had to stay home. If you are on a diet and craving bad foods. Scrub puke outta your carpets… problem solved.

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

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