I’m a New Englander, born and raised. I’m a wife. A mother. A student. A friend. A sister. A business owner. A daughter. I hold many more hats and the responsibilities that go along with them. I swear. A lot. I’m also a very sarcastic being. Pretty sure being from “New England” explains the swearing and sarcasm. Think Lewis Black — love him; he is hysterical (even if not a New Englander). Or Billy Burr — riot!

This blog is about my quest to find the balance. The idealistic balance of work, school, home life, happiness, self-fulfillment, sex, kids, and all the other shit we pile on our plates then judge ourselves and others for missing the mark on perfection.

And of course any other shit I find amusing.

If you are afraid of, ashamed of, or get skittish around swears, vulgarity, bold in your face honesty, or can’t seem to understand my wit and sarcasm — this is not the place for you.

Oh, and I’m Irish… that might explain everything!

So read, enjoy, share.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


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