Paleo Lunches


Paleo “Power Lunches”

I love eating like a caveman… hunting and gathering the things I need for my meals.

It is exhilarating!

However, we live in a suburban hell — not too many free range buffalo to pick from. And the neighbors don’t look to kindly on you peering over their fence to check out their pets as potential grub.

So how do I stay on track? How do I feed the kids lunches outside the home? Find out how I pack Paleo for our summer beach trips. Want the secrets to easy Paleo lunches? Pack lunches in minutes!!

I love Paleo Power Lunch. It helps me to have go-to lunch ideas, stay paleo outside the home, feel good about sending my kids out the door with good wholesome lunches (eliminating some mom guilt), and with all the good tips, weekly planner sheets, and checklists included — it helps me manage my time!! (WIN!)