I don’t do kids parties


I’m not a party person. Planning, organizing, purchasing, setting up, breaking down, inviting other people’s children, entertaining said demon children. <— I’d rather swallow acid.

I barely have enough patience for my own children.

The one special thing I do for our children is make their birthday cakes; by hand. Whatever they want. I have made Cinderella, frogs, lizards, Santa, elves, dirt cake, cars, transformer auto-bots symbol, Dora, mermaid, flowers, Batman, etc.

Rules are: majority has to be edible. And no Fondant.

These cakes are *NOT* professional and usually looked like something I have “nailed” from my Pinterest boards. But they are special and they are our traditions.

found on Pinterest with no source... I will list source when it is known.

Tomorrow we are celebrating The Baby’s birthday. He would like a “pyramid cake — with a BeyBlade on top”. WTF?!  Last year it was a “Castle — with a catapult”. What is with the architecture and the “add-ons”.

Right now his cake is “built” and in the freezer — waiting to be frosted. It looks like leaning ancient ruins. I’m sure it will look like a mudslide by the time I’m done.

Crumbs and uneven frosting = sand storm erosion.

Dusted off a BeyBlade from the play room for the win!


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