Day 22 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 22 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Today was amazing!! I woke up fairly well rested and ready to take on my workout on the treadmill.

Workout: 20min on treadmill. 1 mile in 17.5min!!!
5min – 3mi/hr
7min – 4mi/hr
1min – 2mi/hr
1min – 2.5mi/hr
1min – 3mi/hr
2.5min – 4mi/hr
1min – 2mi/hr
1min 1mi/hr

By the end my left knee was twinging and my right calf was so tight I’m walking around on my tip-toes all day. But, I rocked my workout!!! Nothing else matters, amiright?! I’m thinking that on top of my badass derby strengthening workout tomorrow I will also run on the treadmill again. wait, what just happened?!

Breakfast/Snack — didn’t happen. I *thought* about making food and then never did. Erm, oops.
Lunch: banana and handful of trail mix. After going so long without eating… can’t start out too big.
Snack: butternut squash wrapped in bacon (check the recipe from Living Low Carb here) and blueberries
Dinner: Medium Pomegranate Paradise Jamba Juice. It is all fruits and isn’t dairy based. Tart, Tangy, and Yummy!!

Today was awesome; outside of thinking myself into a full stomach. I also tried two new Oreo flavors (I know, I cheated. Again.) I tried 1 Birthday Cake Flavored and 1 Thin Mint Flavor. After the sugar rush and instant cavities — I think I like the birthday cake flavor better? Maybe? Which is your favorite? Or is there another flavor I should cheat with? Comment below.

Until tomorrow

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


2 thoughts on “Day 22 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge

    • Do I cheat, everyday? Huh, how to answer this. Well, no I don’t. Even though I’m enjoying (mostly) this Paleo-ish adventure. Paleo has many different critics that say “potatoes aren’t Paleo — while others argue they are allowed”. I’m on this adventure for cleansing, weight-loss, better habits, and as an allergy reduction/elimination diet. But let’s be realistic. I’m a mother of 4. And when an opportunity arrives to be human and indulge with my children and enjoy life. Guess what I’m going to choose? I want my children to see that even though we choose to eat healthy *ONE* Oreo — isn’t going to throw you off track. Life is about balance and moderation.

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