Day 21 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 21 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Sunday. Going into week 3. I was so over zealous last week… I counted that has going into week 3… fucking brain playing games with me.

No such luck sleeping in. How naive of me to think the kids would behave 2 days in a row.

Breakfast: egg and 1/4 can of crushed pineapples
Snack: No snack (breakfast was late again)
Lunch: butternut squash chunks wrapped in bacon!! (recipe here: Living Low Carb’s website). I admit I was so excited to wrap something in bacon; I didn’t use any seasonings, and they were still good. Although, seasonings would definitely bring them up a notch. And I also ate waaaay too many!

Snack: green tea handful of trail mix
Dinner:  quartered tomatoes, egg salad, with paleo mayo, side of GF chips, and left over green tea from snack.

No workout on the weekends!! Back to the grind tomorrow morning.


Seriously, the slowest day. EVER.

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


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