Day 17 of the 45 day Paleo Challenge


Day 17 of the 45 day Paleo Challenge

I woke up this morning groggy and my ass cheeks hurt from yesterday’s workout… thank you Roller Derby Athletics! I just hope that I can pee without assistance today (getting in and out of the squatting position is proving to be difficult today). But I will have amazing thighs and glutes from all this pain!

Introduced light interval training into today’s workout on the treadmill this morning total of 24min.
1min – 2mi/hr
2min – 3mi/hr
1min – 4mi/hr (what?!?!! a slight *jog*?!)
2min – 2mi/hr (phew… needed to recover)
1min – 3mi/hr
2min – 4mi/hr (that’s what I’m talking about, baby! BOOM!)
2min – 2mi/hr
10min – 3mi/hr
2min – 2mi/hr
1min – 1mi/hr

I finished today’s workout walking because —
this. Just THIS.

Defeated. I’m going home. Oh, wait. I am home.

Breakfast: Banana
Snack: handful of cashews
Lunch: missed it — was picking up a sick child from school (threw-up in class — after I told them he has no fever and isn’t puking — send him back to class!) — I convinced myself I wasn’t feeling well either. Just like when your kid gets pink eye — your eye is instantaneously itchy and glued shut. #momproblems
Snack: banana and a handful of cashews
Dinner: bowl of tomato soup, 1/2 basil/garlic Aidell’s chicken sausage

I’m in so much pain from my simple yet kick ass workout from yesterday… it has been getting progressively worse throughout the day. I should increase my carbs to help aide in muscle repair while I’m recouping on my off days. Pretty sure tomorrow morning I’m going to paralyzed and only able to yell from my bed for the kids to get ready for school.

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


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