Day 12 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 12 of the 45 Day Paleo Challenge


I had to drag myself out of my bed this morning; I was so tempted to crawl back in!

Workout was 22min total on the treadmill. I did 20min at 3mi/hr and 2min cool down at 2mi/hr. I was super stressed for time this morning. I had jello legs after I got off the treadmill because I didn’t go to a slower speed during my cool down… but I didn’t have time for that this morning.

Breakfast: sliced apples and cinnamon.
Snack: Trail Mix
Lunch: Creamy tomato and chicken soup
Snack: celery and almond butter
Dinner: 2 Italian Sausages and spaghetti squash

Spaghetti Squash is awesome!! It is small and yellow and about the size and shape of a small watermelon.

I personally just stab mine, add a little oil, place in a pan — whole @ 350 for a few hours.

Cut it open,

scoop out the guts,

then scrape the “meat” of the squash off the skin — and ENJOY!!

Seriously craving carbs, chocolate, and all things bad for me!!! GAH!!

Can’t decide if my jeans are actually getting looser because I’m losing weight and inches — or if it is because I’ve worn them for 5 days straight. Seriously. Weigh-in and inch check tomorrow!! Excited and nervous!!

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


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