Day 9 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 9 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge

TMI WARNING **Too much information is about to be shared**

I had an epic poop this morning. I really haven’t been regular since starting eating Paleo. I have gone a couple days without going at all. Which is weird because all I’m eating is fruits, veggies, and meat, right? But with any change of intake there is a change in the physical and emotional body too. Also, increasing my protein intake can cause the brakes to lock up.

Guess, I was full of shit. Haha, yea. See what I did there?! Did ya? Although, my intestinal tract is upset and grumbly… at least things are moving?

Workout — not really. Unless you count walking the dog from the parking lot into the vet’s office — then back out to the car. No? Damn.

I started out the day, hungry. Which is an improvement to feeling blah, full, and no desire to eat. Probably because I pooped — made room to be hungry.

And thirsty — what.the.fuck? I can’t drink anymore water but I am so parched I can’t take it. My lips are dry and flaky — like trying to kiss a shedding reptile — so attractive. My *fave* is when I’m yelling at the little shits that live with me — and my mouth is so dry my upper lip sticks to my gums like Guy Smiley. What the hell, how can anyone take me seriously after that?!

More TMI — started my period today. Yup, totally what I needed to conquer mid-detox — an outrageous craving for chocolate, an unhealthy desire to stuff myself with junk foods, and a migraine. Fucking Fantastic. Although, maybe that is why I pooped. My period always moves things along… ugh, maybe that doesn’t mean my intestines are getting used to all the good foods I’m putting in. (Considering a probiotic)

Also, considering green smoothies and coconut water to help with this ridiculous thirst and weird reptile lips. Seriously feels like I’ve been eating handfuls of Saltines in under 30seconds — all day.

Breakfast: Sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon, water

Snack: 2 mango and chicken sausages (Aidell’s brand), water

Lunch: meatballs and sauce

Snack: trail mix and 2 kiwis

Dinner: broccoli, leftover meatloaf, water

Side note: Sorry about the no pictures of my eats lately… I need to get on the ball STAT!

Today was a good day, over all. I ate more stable meals throughout the day. I need to increase my veggie intake (green smoothies will help here too).

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


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