Day 8 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day 8 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Wellllllllll helllllllooooooo Monday. It seems the case of the Monday’s caught me yesterday — I got nothing I needed to accomplished including getting my post out on time. Nothing went as planned.


Ok so workout — yup. Didn’t happen.

Meal planning — nope. Didn’t happen either.
Breakfast: Banana
Snack: 2 bacon strips (burnt — my *fave*)
Lunch: sloppy joes (just the meat and sauce, no bread) and green pepper slices
Snack: grazing. [mooooooo]
Dinner: 2 Mango Chicken Sausages from Aidell’s, sliced cucumber (with salt), and can of mandarin oranges. (holy shit… is my appetite coming back?!?!)

Today as an all around good day. But I was freakin’ exhausted. I took a 45min nap and woke up more tired?! What the frig sticks?

The rest of the day entailed meetings, kid crap, homework — for the kids, homework — for me, chores, errands, and falling face first in bed.

I hope tomorrow I feel more rested; because today was all about getting the bare minimum done. Ain’t no one got time for the extra bullshit of showers and shit.

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly unbalanced Momma


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