Day 3 of 45 Day Paleo Challenge


Day Three of 45 Day Paleo Challege.

Guess what day it is?!  HUMP DAAAAAY!!

I woke up angry. Not outwardly angry. But an underlying, slightly bubbling (can turn to a rapid boil at any second) I’m going to punch the first person to cross me — subtle anger. You know the anger that makes you pick fights with a spouse, sibling, friend — everyone else can see you are being a jerk. But being said jerk makes you feel better — just a little bit.

No exercise today. I didn’t have time. Unless I was waking up an hour early… and with my sudden-onset anger — I needed my sleep more than I knew.

Breakfast: banana (I really enjoy this quick breakfast)

Snack: Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad (without the corn or beans), I used lime juice and salt/pepper instead of salad dressing, water.

Lunch: was 3 meatballs, handful of blueberries, handful of trail mix, water

Snack: celery and almond butter, water.

Dinner: Spinach and hickory marinated chicken breast. Green Tea.

Snack: tested out a blueberry scone recipe. I needed something like “cake” for my mom’s birthday. Again — AWESOME!! I’m loving this paleo-thing!! In honesty I did not have arrowroot and I used coconut flour instead (I think this made it more dry — to combat I added a little more coconut oil and an extra egg). It was crumbly but I believe that it was my substitutions that caused it not the recipe. I fully expect I will not only make this again; but that arrowroot will go on my next shopping list!
I used the recipe from Fed & Fit (

From Lunch until Dinner… it was essentially a continual snacking of meatballs, celery, trail mix, blueberries, etc. (probably not the best plan… I think I kept eating because I was trying to comfort my anger all day).

I was very busy today between work meetings, an unexpected dr’s appt for a child — that threw off other meetings, and other errands I needed to get done. I was a miserable grumpy being all day. Pretty sure my children have seen my evil twin trying to escape today — exorcist style. Just do your shit and leave me alone today. Maybe I need an early bedtime tonight — because tomorrow is just as freakin’ busy!

Pretty sure a bitch is getting shanked at some point during the next 6weeks. Hope my kids survive this. Hell, hope I survive this!

Until tomorrow.

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma

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