45 Day Paleo Challenge


I’m doing it. I’m jumping in. Monday starts my 45 day Paleo food challenge.

We eat a fairly “clean” diet in order to help my ADHD child maintain focus and impulse control. It helps. (But so do beatings, duct tape, and alcohol — the alcohol is for me. And I’m only kidding about the beatings and duct tape. Kinda.)

But we are a “starch and carb heavy” family.

It has been about 1 month since I have done my last cleanse and about 2years since I really watched what I ate in an effort to maintain my weight. And I’m a Health Coach!! **GASP** I know, right?! You might be asking, “Why?, Why would she pull back the curtain and let us see in?” Because Health Coaches are people too (their human?? I thought they were sadistic evil beings that lurked in the night and made us feel guilty for eating a cookie after 8pm) – we struggle with temptations, bad habits, and find ourselves *falling off the wagon* from time to time too.

OH, annnnnd because my body produced an awesome full body rash — my doctor would like to do an elimination diet. YAY!! — said no one ever.

Previous results: I went from 174-138 in 4mths cutting out all grains/carbs/some dairy. But I’m back up to 154 — and eating like a starving pig with no consideration to my “feelings” at the time of the great consumption.

It’s time to bring my sexy back! Sexy = my confidence. I don’t care what number is on the scale… I want to feel good in my skin!

I will be logging in every night to keep myself accountable, allow others to join-in in the festivities, and for others to find later for inspiration.

Daily journals will include meals, feelings/thoughts for the day, exercise, and pictures.

Weekly journals will include my weigh-in. EEEEK!!! If I’m brave enough — my inches. Double EEEK!!!

I’m excited!! Heeeeerrrrrre weeeeeee goooooooo!!

~Clearly Unbalanced Momma


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